Time Savers and Wasters

Here is a list of things that will save you time and other activities that will waste your time.

Time Savers

1. Use time twice by combining activities
2. Use dead time, like waiting time
3. Make decisions quickly
4. Handle papers once
5. Group work and trips together
6. Say no!
7. Use a pocket calendar
8. Develop a good file system
9. Delegate and use a secretary and associate
10. Set personal deadlines
11. Schedule ending time for meetings, and meet just before lunch and quitting time
12. Schedule appointments tight; much time between is wasted
13. Learn to read faster
14. Use planned unavailability with a secretary screening calls

Time Wasters

1. Inefficiency and doing work over a second time
2. Telephone
3. Indecision
4. Poor work environment and a cluttered desk
5. Over-communication with excessive memos or meetings
6. Incoming mail
7. Casual visitors
8. Commuting
9. Waiting for people
10. Television
11. Equipment breakdowns
12. Excessive change
13. Mediocre personnel that require excessive instructions and supervision
14. Being a perfectionist
15. Crises (fire-fighting)
16. Unrealistic time estimates

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