Christian Education Articles

These articles look at discipleship, education, teaching, and other ministries within a church context.  They are meant for teachers, pastors, board members, and all Christians as they provide a a context for how the church should operate in accordance with the example that Jesus gave us.

Definition of Discipleship – What discipleship means in the context of the Christian church.

Disciples are Created in the Image of God – Dealing with the reality that disciples are called to be Christlike but are still imperfect.

Does Ministry Demand Proximity? – A look at the differences between discipleship and ministry and their needs for proximity.

Education, Discipleship, & Spiritual Formation – A look at the differences between education, discipleship, and spiritual formation.

How God Organizes People for Effective Action – How the church can be best structured for ministry and to prevent burnout.

Methods to Making Disciples – A look at four methods that Jesus used to make disciples.

The Difference Between the Average Christian and the Pastor – An article discussing how the average Christian must live their life as a model for Christ.

The Purpose of the Great Commission – A look at what the Great Commission says about discipleship.

The Teaching Processes of Paul – A look at Paul’s teaching process and his method of modeling Christ.

The Cost of Discipleship – What it really costs to be a disciple of Jesus.

The Shortcomings of Christian Education – Where education alone falls short and the need for discipleship.

The Source of a Christian Educator’s Message – The four sources from which a Christian educator gets their message.

The State of Discipleship in the Church – How the church is faring with discipleship and what can be done to improve it.

What Makes Education Christian? – A comparison between regular and Christian education and what education should look like in the church.

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