Welcome to the Online School of Theology

If you’re interested in getting a Bible College education but aren’t concerned about a degree, then this is the place for you.  This site is designed for anyone who wants to get college level training but doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars to get quality Bible training.  It’s also ideal for clergy who want more Bible training or for those who want to brush up on what they’ve learned  before.

These Bible courses are specifically designed for active people and they are done online at a leisurely pace.  Each week you can expect to spend a couple of hours at most by reading your Bible and responding to questions concerning the reading.  While each course will have different assignments, you can expect to write one or two short papers – no long 10-20 page thesis papers!  While it is expected that you write out each assignment, doing the work is for your own benefit alone as you will get out of the courses what you put into them.

All of these Bible courses are designed and written by Pastor Mike, the founder of Spreading Light Ministries.  You can read more about him above.

In addition to the longer Bible courses, we also have some short Bible classes.  Unlike the courses which are designed to be done over the course of several weeks, the classes can be done in one sitting and are focused on a specific topic.

To supplement the Bible courses we have written numerous theology articles.  While designed to help you answer questions posed in the courses, these are free for anyone to read and study.

Finally, we have included an in depth overview on Christian leadership.  This covers everything from time management as a leader to how to properly manage a small group.  This can be read in its entirety like a book or you can focus on any section that may be of interest to you.