How it Works

Everything on this site is free.  The Bible courses are free, the short classes are free, the videos are free.  You are encouraged to make use of them by using them as an outline for Bible study and your own personal enrichment.  You have full permission to use them in your church or small group, we’d just appreciate that you mention where you got your information so that others can check out the site for their own study.

Christian education has long been a part of Spreading Light Ministries and this site is its latest and final way of doing this.  Each Bible course has been written at a college level and is on par with courses that you will find online at Bible colleges and seminaries.  These courses have been put together over time by Pastor Mike, the founder of Spreading Light Ministries.

Pastor Mike has a BS in Biblical Studies, an MA in Religion with an emphasis in theology, and a Masters of Religious Education.  He has taught online at Grand Canyon University and holds certification from the Evangelical Training Association.  Pastor Mike is an alumni of Lancaster Bible College and Liberty University.

Originally each course was written with the intention of providing college level education and instructor feedback at a fraction of the cost to the student.  This has changed as Pastor Mike has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.  Because of this and the uncertainty of his ability to interact with students, all courses have been made available for absolutely free.  Students are “on their honor” to do the course assignments as written as that is the best way to learn the material.

As time permits, more courses will be added so that you may continue to learn more of the Bible and grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.  It is also our intent to combine the articles on this site and publish them in book format so that students may learn offline and churches and small groups may have physical resources to use as needed.

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