Worship 3 Answers

Thank you for submitting your answers for Worship, Class 3.  I hope that this course has caused you to think about worship and has hopefully helped in you in your own personal worship.

I know I have benefited greatly from my study of worship and it is an even greater pleasure for me to be able to pass that knowledge on to others.

If you’re interested in reading more on worship, I have several articles on the other section of my website.  Some of the ideas are repeated more in depth there and some new ideas are presented.  You can find them at sermons.

God bless,

Making Changes

Application is the hardest part about worship.  Even when we recognize that changes are probably needed, it is tough to make those changes.  Either we aren’t in a position that we can enact those changes or other board or congregation members do not embrace the change that we propose.

As mentioned in the lesson, change starts with us.  We should make the best out of what we have.  Our attitude is the most important part of worship.  However, when we try to enact change in the rest of the church, education is the key.  It isn’t enough to simply believe you have the right changes that need to be made, you must convince others as well.  Having other church leaders study worship or even take this course will allow them to reach the same conclusion as you have reached – without you needing to coerce anyone.

When the time does come for change, start small.  Small changes will build trust among those who are skeptical or adverse to change.  Plus it will allow you to learn as you go.  If the ultimate goal is to move to a contemporary style of worship, start by introducing only one song.  You may learn that there are some contemporary songs that are more acceptable than others.  When it comes time to make the complete switch, you can concentrate on what you already know works well.

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