Worship 2 Answers

Thank you for submitting your answers for Worship, Class 2.  As this is mainly a survey of you and your church’s worship habits, there are no right or wrong answers.  However, I have included some of my thoughts on some of the questions below.

God bless,


Most of my thoughts have been included in the lesson.  One thing I have noted though is that many people do not see anything that should be changed in their worship service.  This is less likely the fact that all worship services are good and more to do with the fact that we go to our church for a reason.  If we did not like it, we would go someplace else.  When we like our worship service, we are less willing to find faults with it and thereby show a need for change.

Nevertheless, there are often things in our worship services that are in need of change if we are honest with ourselves.  If you are unable to see any weaknesses, I’d encourage you to invite a friend who goes to another church to come and evaluate your service some time.  Likewise, you can go to another service and see what you like and don’t like.  You may find that another church does something better than the way your church does it and it may be worth changing.  It doesn’t mean that your church is wrong, just that someone had a different idea that worked better.

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