Worship Classes

These worship classes will make you think about your own personal preferences regarding worship along with what style or styles that your church may use.  It also asks the all important question of “If you could change anything about your worship, what would you change?”

The first lesson discusses how a person should prepare for worship to get their heart right before God.  It also begins to look at different worship styles in the church.

The second lesson builds on the idea of worship styles and looks at the far too frequent battle of contemporary vs. traditional worship within the church.  Instead of offering a solution to the battle, a call to glorify God in whatever the church does is offered.

The third lesson looks at the worship of the early church and how we can emulate them.  The early church was blessed by God and saw their numbers grow rapidly.  If we want to see the power of God like the early church did, we need to worship like they did as well.

Worship Preparation and Worship Styles

Contemporary vs. Traditional Worship

The Early Church and Tying it all Together

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