Mount Olivet Discourse Answers

I hope that if you weren’t aware of the signs of Christ’s return around us today, that you are now.  Likewise, I hope that you are prepared for Christ’s return.  If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as the savior from your sins, please read here.  If you would like to read more about the signs of the times and a discussion on whether we are living in the end times, please check out this article.  Also, feel free to check out the rest of our prophecy section.

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Question 1) In Matthew 24:4-8 Jesus describes the beginning of birth pains.  Read the verses and list the things that will happen.

Many will come claiming to be Christ
We will hear of wars and rumors of wars
Famines and earthquakes

Question 2) Do you see these things happening in the world today?  Have they gotten worse in the last 50-100 years?  Do you think they will continue to get worse?

There have been people who have claimed to be Christ and have lead many astray.  World War I was to be the war to end all wars but instead a second war broke out in less than two decades after.  Since the second world war, millions have died in tribal fighting in Africa while thousands have killed each other in the Middle East.  Likewise, millions are starving everyday and earthquakes have increased more than 10 fold in the last 40 years.

Only the Lord knows if these things will get worse.  There has been little reason to hope for improvement on these matters however.  No amount of treaties or UN peacekeepers seem to be able to stop wars from occurring.  Likewise, we cannot explain the rise in earthquakes, nor stop them from happening.

Question 3) Read verses 9-14.  What signs are mentioned here?  Do you these things occurring today?  

Christians will be persecuted and handed over to death and hated
Many will turn away from the faith
Many false prophets will appear and many will be deceived
Love of most will grow cold
Gospel will be preached in the whole world

The middle three are definitely prevalent in the world today.  Many people are being lead astray, falling from the faith and losing their love for Christ and others.  Outside of the United States and Europe, Christians are being heavily persecuted and many are losing their lives; by some estimates, as many as 400,000 a year.  The gospel has reached much of the world today.  It has the ability to reach the entire world with the help of satellites and the internet.

Question 4) Read Matthew 25:1-13.  Jesus told this parable right after stating that the time of his return was unknown.  How does this relate?  What should we do in response to his return happening at an unknown time?

We do not know at what hour Christ will return, just as he said.  Because of this, we must stand watch for his return and be ready.  We do not keep watch out of fear, but out of anticipation.  In the parable, the virgins were awaiting their wedding.  However, they did not know when the bridegroom would come and had to watch for him.  Likewise, we must watch, awaiting a joyful union with Christ.

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