Evangelism 301

The following are bonus questions for our evangelism classes.  We suggest that you check out Evangelism 101 & 102 before you take a look at them.

These questions are provided for your own study.  Answer any or all of them as you wish.  

Evangelism 301

1) There have been many prophets who claim to have been instructed by God.  So how do we know that Jesus wasn’t just a man claiming to be the son of God?  What proof can you give me he was?

2) What proof is there that Jesus was crucified on the cross and then was risen from the dead?  That is just a glorified myth.

3) Why isn’t God talking to anyone as it was in the Bible anymore?  How then do we know he ever even did, there is nobody around to state that it was true.

4) How can one know for sure that heaven even exists?  I think when you die that’s it.  So that’s how I am living my life.

5) I really don’t have the time. Why should I waste it with church?

6) The concept of heaven and hell are outdated in today’s world.

7) Many people I know have never turned to the Lord but are very successful in their lives.

Are there any other questions you would add?

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