Evangelism 202

This course is designed to make you think more about questions you may be asked when evangelizing.  Knowing what questions to be prepared for helps greatly.  This course is an addition to Evangelism 101 and focuses more on defense of the Christian faith and the Bible.

I will pose a statement or a question that a non-believer (a somewhat skeptical one) would say to you when witnessing.  Simply craft your response in the box below each statement.  The great thing is, you can take your time to think about it when in real life, nobody is going to wait for five minutes while you think of an answer.

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Class: Evangelism 202

How can you say that your religion is the only way to heaven?  Isn’t that a little arrogant?


Well, the Bible may say that, but it’s just a book written by man.  How is it any different from the Koran, the teachings of Confucius or the Code of Hammurabi?

Of course I believe in Jesus, he was a good man.  That other stuff about miracles and rising from the dead is a bit preposterous though.  You don’t believe any of that nonsense do you?

How can you believe the Bible when there are so many things that can’t be proven?  Where is the archaeological evidence of all those kingdoms the Bible talks about?

The Bible may have some good principles to live by, but it can’t be all true.  It isn’t scientifically possible for the sun to stand still, donkeys to talk, people to live 900 years.  Those are just children’s stories and prove that the Bible isn’t accurate.

I go to church every Sunday!  What do you mean I’m not a Christian?

 See the suggested answers.  Or take the final evangelism challenge with Evangelism 301.

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