Evangelism 201

This course is designed to make you think through questions you may likely be asked if you try witnessing to somebody.  It helps a great deal to have thought these things through instead of being caught off guard by them.  Some are simple things that you’re certain of, but can you put it in words an unbeliever can understand? 

Use scripture whenever possible but also remember that depending on who you are speaking to, they may not believe a word of the Bible.  Just because the Bible says “God so loved the world” doesn’t mean anything to them.  We’ll cover that more in the next class, though.

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Class: Evangelism 201

I plan on waiting until I’m older to become a Christian.  I don’t want God to get in the way right now.  Why should I waste my time in church now when I can make a decision on my deathbed?


I’m a good person.  How can a loving God send a good person to hell?

Why should I believe in God?  Every good scientist says that we evolved anyway.

Every Christian I know is a hypocrite.  Why would I want to be a Christian?

Don’t I have to be perfect before I can become a Christian?

I’d like to become a Christian, but I don’t understand what all those preachers are talking about.  Being born again, sanctification, justification…  Can you explain to me how to become a Christian in terms I can understand?

The questions in the second class are a bit more difficult and involve the authenticity of the Bible and other religions.

 See our suggested answers.  Or try some more questions in Evangelism 202.

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