Evangelism 102 Answers

Thank you for submitting your answers for Evangelism 102.  I believe that these ideas are an essential foundation to evangelism.

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There are no right or wrong answers to these questions.  They are designed to make you think.  My statements here are summaries of what I’ve learned.

What must you do in your life so that others can see that you are different from the rest of the world and that Jesus is what they are looking for?

In addition to what we have discussed in earning the right to be heard in the previous class, Christians are to be set apart from the rest of the world.  Saint literally means set apart.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that we dress and speak differently – just to be different and be noticed – but it does mean that if others are speaking and dressing in sinful ways we do not follow suit.

While we will go through times in life that we are obviously unhappy, Christians must be able have joy, even in difficult circumstances.  When we focus on Christ as our all in all, he becomes our foundation in even the most difficult times.  But when we fall apart under stress or frustration, what does it show about our faith in the one we say we believe created the universe?  He is powerful enough to create the universe and loving enough that He wants a personal relationship with us, but either not powerful or caring enough to be concerned about our problems.

What instances can you think of when it may be inappropriate to share your faith?

While we are called to be ready at all times to present the reason for our faith, we are not called to present our faith at all times.  Actions speak louder than words.  This is just as true in regard to the gospel as anything else.  There are numerous occasions when the gospel will just come across as a lecture and the hearer will block us out.  However, if we are willing to let our actions speak and show how we care, this may open the door at a later time when it is more appropriate and a person is more willing to listen.

Give examples of when it may be appropriate to share your faith with someone.

There are plenty of opportunities to share your faith with someone throughout the day.  It doesn’t have to be a gospel presentation.  It can simply be a “God bless you,” as a person is leaving.  When we consistently act like a loving Christian, without being overbearing, people will know they can turn to us when they are looking for someone who is loving but strong enough to handle difficult things.

Be honest with yourself.  Which of these five are easiest for you to do?  Which one is the hardest?  What can you do to improve?

The two most common difficulties for evangelism are courage and communication.  Many times a person lacks courage because they are uncomfortable with communication.

We need to know what we are talking about.  None of us are excused for a lack of knowledge.  Some are naturally gifted speakers, some are artists, while others are writers.  Still others are much better behind the scenes doing service works.  Find a way to communicate in the manner you feel most confident.  If you absolutely can’t communicate effectively, make sure you know someone you can refer a person to that can communicate the gospel effectively.

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