Evangelism 101 Answers

Thank you for submitting your answers for Evangelism 101.  I believe that these ideas are an essential foundation to evangelism.

God bless,

Pastor Mike

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions.  They are designed to make you think.  My statements here are summaries of what I’ve learned.

Of the three types of non-believers- Skeptic, Spectator, Seeker – which category do most people you know fall into?

There is a mix of all three categories of non-believers but many are not as opposed to the gospel as one might think.  While door to door evangelism is likely to turn people off today, studies have shown that many would be willing to go to church if a friend invited them – but none do.

Although it is an over-generalization different generations have more people in one group than another.  Although older people are often considered more conservative the older a person becomes, the harder it becomes to get them to church and teach them the gospel – thus the more skeptical they become.

The age group once known as Generation X, now anywhere from the late 20’s to early 40’s age range was known for standing for nothing.  After watching the radical demonstrations and drug abuse of the 60’s, this generation saw it had failed and thus were unwilling to engage in much.  This lead to lead to the materialism of the 1980’s.  Today these people are likely to be spectators as they grew up uninvolved.

The younger generation – known as the Net Generation to some – reacted to Generation X and their stance on nothing.  They became socially involved and want to stand for great causes – be it saving the rain forests or evangelizing the tribes of Africa.  There is great potential in the younger generation if the energy is directed into proper channels and not things that will hold no eternal significance.  This generation is most likely to be seekers.  The are looking for something spiritual however, and not just Christianity.  It is our need to show seekers that Jesus is the only Way, Truth, and Life.

What other terms can you think of that may be lost on a non-believer and should be avoided in explaining the gospel?

Some other terms that students have suggested in the past include:

  • Invite Jesus into your heart
  • Justified
  • Consecrated
  • Atonement
  • Baptized in the Spirit
  • Ransomed
  • Walking in the Spirit
  • Eucharist
  • Elected
  • Rebirth

Can you think of other ways to earn the right to be heard?

Just about anything that shows people you care will earn you the right to be heard.  As Christians, although we often fail, we should naturally be more loving and caring than the rest of the world.  This will, over time, earns you the right to be heard by those who see you live your life day in and day out.

Other times we may go out of our way to get someone’s attention.  Although the analogy isn’t perfect, it is like dating.  While we continue to be a good person, when we want catch the attention of a person in particular we go out of our way to do something.  In both cases, the object of our attention will want to know why we have shown them the extra attention.

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