Disciples are created in the image of God

“Disciples are created in the image of God but are still sinful.”  This is one of the greatest difficulties in Christianity.  We are a reflection of our Maker but we are like a mirror that is cracked.  Most of the time what is seen is okay, but if one looks too closely, they will see imperfections in the reflection and it will not be 100% accurate.

We are born in sin but Christians have been redeemed from that sin.  This means that we will not face the punishment that we are due.  Unfortunately it does not mean that we are free from our sinful nature as we will continue to struggle with this our entire lives.

We struggle with the world, the flesh, and the devil.  Every Christian has their own weaknesses and there is a temptation to downplay one’s own weaknesses while denouncing the weaknesses in others.  In the end, we need proper discipleship to overcome whatever weaknesses that we struggle with.

Jesus gives us the standard for resisting temptation.  In the desert He was tempted by the world (throw yourself down from the temple) the flesh (turn these stones to bread) and the devil (bow down and worship me).  Jesus resisted by quoting scripture each time, even when Satan tried to twist it for his benefit.  Only with proper instruction through discipleship will a believer know the Bible well enough that they can consistently resist temptation.

Our desire to continue to learn about God is a reflection of our being created in His image.  When people become too busy for discipleship or otherwise resist it, it is a reflection of our fallen nature.  There will always be some wins and losses in this battle, but ultimately the goal is for more wins than losses.  As a person learns more, they can resist their fallen nature and will want to learn even more.  But if a person resists, they will not be able to withstand their fallen nature and may become more and more entrenched in their resistance to discipleship.  The goal for ministry must be to break downward spirals and instead create upward momentum that will carry a believer to greater and deeper study of God’s Word.

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