Week 6

The nation of Israel has only had three kings, Saul, David, and Solomon.  The next king to rule Israel will be Jesus Christ.  After Solomon, the nation splits into two kingdoms.  Ten tribes become the northern kingdom or what is still referred to as Israel.  The remaining two tribes in the south become the southern kingdom or Judah.  This lesson will cover the northern kingdom.

The northern kingdom is characterized by bad leadership.  There are nineteen kings and none of them are good.  There are several occasions in which the kingly line is overthrown and a new family takes over.  But this never improves the situation.  The northern kingdom will last for around 200 years from 931 BC to 722 BC when they are conquered by the Assyrians.

Required reading

1 Kings 12, 15:25-22:40, 2 Kings 9-10, 17

Corresponding articles and videos on this site

We have written on topics covered in this lesson.  You can either read the article or watch the video, both cover the same material.  These provide good supplemental thoughts to go with your Bible reading and may help you answer some of the questions below.

Optional reading 

A History of Israel: From the Bronze Age Through the Jewish Wars – chapters 20 & 24

An Historical Survey of the Old Testament – chapter 8

Discussion questions

The first question is required.  You may choose any of the remaining two questions to answer.  Answers should be 100 words or more. You are welcome to use resources that you may have or search the internet for help.

1) Why did the split between the northern and southern kingdoms occur?

Answer two of the following:

2) Who was the first northern king?  What did he do to secure the northern tribes from returning to Jerusalem?

3) How does Elijah confront the prophets of Baal?

4) Why is Elijah afraid after his victory over the prophets of Baal?  What can this tell us about our own Christian walk?

5) What do you think about Ahab’s repentance

6) While all of the northern kings are lousy, who do you think is the worst king?  Why?


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