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How do courses at the Online School of Theology work?

Each class, unless noted, has an eight week format.  There is no sign up needed, just head to the page of the course you want.  Each week you’ll have some reading to do – mostly Bible reading – and you’ll have a few discussion questions to answer.  Most weeks you’ll have one required question and then a few others to pick from and respond to.  The goal is not to write a long paper about the topic, just to get you to think about it.  Each discussion question requires about one paragraph to answer.  It is recommended that you actually write (or type) out your answer rather than just think about it.  This will help you form your thoughts and you may find it useful to save your answers for later on as well.

Most courses will have two longer written assignments.  These will be 500-1000 words, not 10-20 page thesis papers.  Just like the discussion questions, the point behind these papers is to get you to think.  Just like the discussion questions, you’ll gain more from interacting with the question and writing it down rather than just thinking about it.  You’ll get out of it what you put into it.

For a full description of each course, click the links below.  From there, just proceed to week 1 to start the course.  You are welcome to do more than one class a week but each course has specifically been formatted so that it fits within an active student’s lifestyle but also that you have time to reflect on what you’ve been reading and learning for the week.

Courses Available Now

Introduction to the OT

Courses Coming Soon

Introduction to the NT

Jesus 101

Genesis 101

Courses coming later




How to Study the Bible

Introduction to college writing

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