Christian Leadership

This section is dedicated to teaching proper Christian leadership.  It is an invaluable skill for not only pastors but all Christians in positions of authority at their church.  While not everyone is given the gift of leadership, the ability to understand leadership is invaluable in working with others in the church.

This study on leadership is provided free at this school.  You can read through the sections top to bottom as you would a book or you can choose whatever sections interest you.  Some sections will obviously be more applicable to certain leaders than others depending on your situation.

This section has been adapted from a Church Leadership course taught at Liberty University.  It is not meant to be a substitute for taking the class but rather a way to share what has been learned in this class.

The information contained on this site has been gathered from all kinds of sources relating to Christian leadership.  Many of these concepts have been repeated by numerous Christian leaders and have appeared in numerous books on the subject of leadership.  Because this is not intended to be an academic exercise on leadership there are few citations of individual books or quotes from people.  This should be considered a compilation of many works on church leadership, many of which are also compilations of other books.  This makes attributing one idea to its origin very difficult.

This site does not claim to be the origin of most of the ideas expressed here.  Aside from specific ideas quoted to certain people, nothing on this site should be construed as representative of the beliefs of anyone mentioned, nor of Liberty University.

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