About Pastor Mike

Pastor Mike is the founder of Spreading Light Ministries, which this site is a part of, and has been at work within the church for a number of years.  He is an ordained minister and has multiple masters degrees.

Pastor Mike is a member of the Brethren in Christ Church (found online at bic-church.org) and holds a B.S. in Bible from Lancaster Bible College (lbc.edu) as well as a Master of Arts in Religion and Master of Religious Education degrees from Liberty University. (liberty.edu)  He worked an online adjunct professor for Grand Canyon University (gcu.edu) as well.  Although none of the views expressed on this website are contradictory to the views held by the church or the schools, they should not be assumed to be representative of the organizations either.  Many stances held by this website have an “official” view by the organizations and should be understood to be held by the founder only.

In 2013 Pastor Mike was diagnosed with colon cancer and it returned in 2015.  While he is confident in the Lord’s ability to heal, it is his desire that his teachings carry on even after he no longer has the ability to teach.  Because of this, he encourages visitors to this site to share its teachings with others.

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